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    Bob Boyd
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    Oct. 23, 2016

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I have begun to share some lessons I have learned during my 80 years. If just one Nightflying reader benefits from applying something I have said here, then it will be well worth my efforts.

When I was 42 years old, an old man I respected and liked, gave me a little blue card with this message on it. Looking back over my life, it is probably the most valuable and beneficial principle I have ever learned from any person.

“If I become uptight, angry, or frustrated, I and I alone am generating these feelings. No one can make me angry. No one can make me frustrated. I, and I alone, can do this.

When I have taken the responsibility for these things, and see them in their proper perspective, the child in me grows up.”

And these wise words: We don’t need what Dorothy found.

Remember her discovery in The Wonderful Wizard of Oz? She and her trio followed the yellow brick road, only to discover that the wizard was a wimp! He was nothing but smoke and mirrows and tin-drum thunder. Is that the kind of god we need?

We don’t need to carry the burden of a lesser god; a god on a shelf, a god in a box, or a god in a bottle. No, we need a God who can place 100 billion stars in our galaxy, and 100 billion galaxies in the universe. We need a God who can shape two fists of flesh into 75 to 100 billion nerve cells, each with as many as 10,000 connections to other nerve cells, place it in a skull, and call it a brain.

And we need a God who, while so mind-numbingly mighty, can come in the soft of night and touch us with the tenderness of an April snow. –Max Lucado


"Nightflying down Hamburger Alley..."

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