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Nate Hancock By Nate Hancock

I am very proud to be from a hard-working, blue-collar community like Northwest Arkansas. My mother is an immigrant from Mexico, my dad a Vietnam Vet USMC... Hard working middle class people to the core .. Both whom I believe got to live their dreams of settling down raising and providing for a family filled with lots of love.. That's what I'm grateful for most. That there were people who loved and supported me unconditionally and still do to this day. That's what inspires me so much to give back, because I was so blessed with so much empowerment. No matter what crazy idea I came up with they supported it always said the same thing, "You can do like whatever you put your mind to". I really believe that was instilled in me my whole life. Sometimes leading me to be a bit rebellious, but mostly inspiring me to not set limitations on what was possible.

Whether it be the NFL, or a rockstar... They never doubted the possibly of achieving it. Nor did I. The truth is that anything I put my mind to seemed to happen.. I believe that is true for anyone for better or worse. Be careful what you wish for cause you will probably get it. The point is to kneel what to do with it when it happens. I actually ended up in a few hot seats, particularly back seats.. I wish that was a sexual pun buts it's not. I even got arrested immediately after a set at George's for a Bikes Blues BBQ show for smokin a post show celebratiry spliff.. Suppression at its finest.. A few legal speed bumps here and there and I eventually was able to harness that energy and shift my focus from the former life of a collegiate athlete, to a working class musician.. with minimal collateral damage during the transition.. After getting my head screwed on straight from a very confusing, experimental time walking out on a college football scholarship at 18 years old, 307 lbs, with the dream of makin it in the music biz..

In our semi-southern heartland of a culture it seems your either a far right fundamental Christian, or a far left party animal self-medicated hippie. I now think moderation is probable the best all around answer on those fronts and finding that balance is key in a world that is saturated with consumerisms, advertisements, and religious extremism.

I had a lot of emotional stuff to work out from my childhood experience of witnessing a suicide at age 7, to dealing with childhood obesity and depression, initially very introverted and feminine by nature, total mommas boy, to the polar opposite testosterone fueled ego driven locker room alpha male. Music has been a total healing experience for me. I was blessed to have grown up with a musical step-family of a certain "Brothers Band".. and got a pretty good running start at the musician hustle.

Basically since 2005 I've toured non-stop, 49 states, 3 countries, 3 independent albums, performed and recorded with Grammy Award Winners, started an entertainment agency, co-created a record label, worked on set as a location manager for Neil Young, got a record deal produced by Dave Jerden (The Rolling Stones, Janes Addiction, Alice In Chains) with Modern Roots Music Company based out of LA, and recently got the title track to my upcoming album "No Place Quite Like Home" placed on a Hit TV series on Showtime Networks - House of Lies.

This song and album for me represents the best of what I have to offer as an artist. It's a real story, from real experience that really provided resolve in my life about my own identity relating to our community as a whole, and the planet we live on and how it is all connected, how WE are all connected. The song is a milestone built on a foundation of brotherhood, love, and honoring our existence as one people. I happen to be very blessed with health and education, community support.. So many things.. That so many people go without.. I believe in my heart that of you are fortunate to receive these kind of blessings in this life, that it is a duty to share that light with the world around you. That is the Karma. I've had the experience of performing on yachts with millionaires, to the streets with the homeless.. I can testify.. We are all One. Through the gift of music and art I have been given and received so many special privileges it really out things in perspective. I am proud and consider my self lucky to speak these words often.. "I am rich beyond my wildest dreams, I just don't have money". That keeps me focused on the important things in life. Money is good. Resources are great, but the people in our lives.. That's where the real value is. See I am a part of you, and you are a part of me.. The reality is that there is No "I", only a "We", and we have a choice. There is a mutual relationship in all things of nature, and nature and all things. For every breathe of life, something was sacrificed in its honor. Our breathe, comes from the trees. Which comes from the flowers that wilt into the soil.. I believe that at the root of our culture, we have forgotten this agreement. We tend to take and not remember what we were supposed to give. This song, is my gift to that agreement. I am going to be donating 100% of my digital and online sales to a National Homeless Organization/Non-Profit. It's something I'm really proud of for myself.. I wouldn't have it any other way really. This life has been good to me and the least I can do is take something that was created out of that blessing and bless others with it. I've been a lot of places, I've seen so many faces...

For me to selfishly indulge in this life, while knowing there are brothers and sisters of mine out there without basic shelter.. All year round, is simply unacceptable. I have made a personal decision to spend the rest of my life paying it forward.. There is no other more important place for me to start than my hometown. As comfortable as it is there believe it or not there are 3600 Homeless in NWA right now, 1/3 of which are women.. That's unacceptable to me for a region that has the highest employment rate and cheapest cost of living, and not to mention the wealthiest family on Planet Earth.

I'm not gonna sit around and wait for others to fix the problem so in asking the community to join me for some of my Album release shows in our region like at George's on Aug 11, or Patton Alley Pub (Springfield) on Aug 12.. Almost all of our shows are curated and hosted by my production company UNiTE THE ViBE, as a festival type showcase event with vendors and visual artists, and a Non-Perishable Food and Clothing/Blanket drive for local shelter's. We do this all over the country, and soon to be world.. currently on our US Tour for UTB Presents: "No Place Quite Like Home". We hope to see you soon!

In closing I just want to say thank you to all those that made it possible for me to live and pursue my dreams. Looking forward I want to encourage everyone to show more love, be more encouraging to others, love and respect their selves fully. Life is what you make it. Dream as big as you can dream. Every breath is worth taking. Breathe in what you believe. Just be here now, there's not a moment to waste. We are all brothers and sisters, there is no race. One Mother the Earth, we share this place. So let's let love erase all the hate... NH


"Nightflying down Hamburger Alley..."

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